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Finally! Payday is here tomorrow. I am really excited about that. I want to figure out how to get everything done and still have some money left at the end of the month for some savings.

Most of my bills I can and will pay online. It is just quicker and much more secure. I hate to carry cash as well.

I discovered, happily, that my visa debit card doesn't expire until this coming December instead of January of this year. It made my day since I now can use it to pay some of my bills instead of having to run them through PayPal to my other bank.

The rest of today I will spend making my shopping list for the rest of the month. It will be very short as I want to put as much as possible toward finally paying off my fire insurance for this place. I still owe $347 on it. I also owe about $1,00,000 in Real Estate Taxes to the county. I need to pay something on those soon as unless they are up to date, my mortgage guy can foreclose on my place. (I've got to earn the money to get rid of that damned mortgage ASAP!)

Both of these problems wouldn't be here if I hadn't had to make a snap decision and hadn't gotten scared in 2008 and jumped to get money to catch up the taxes then and to pay off all of my credit cards. Even as little as I owed, I probably would have been better off to go bankrupt. This is what I get for letting my pride get into the mix as well.

I refuse, however, to dwell on past errors. I just strive not to repeat them. I need to focus on working my way out of this situation so that I can once again have that $200 a month I pay for the mortgage as regular income. In other words, I have to work my ass off this year to earn enough money to clear up all of these bills and pay off the mortgage. (And people wonder why I say I don't have time for a man in my life, lonely as I get and much as I miss male companionship!)

I feel a little hopeful today. Still the weight of foreclosure still hangs over my head and scares me silly. I have to find a way to sell more jewelry.

There is a contest for a pattern wire bracelet at my jewelry bootcamp club. It's members only, and I have to enter in the advanced category since I have over a year in experience. I have some ideas for a design. I have to work out the details and get it put together. A win would be wonderful! First prize is $100 in jewelry supplies and, of course, bragging rights. Even third prize is $25 in supplies and this is where I buy my wire. The contest closes next Tuesday. It will give me something to do to keep me from mooning over having no valentine this year and missing Bill.

There is also a Lions Club meeting on Monday to plan for. (I know, bad sentence structure and that's the way I think) I'm the club Tail Twister so I'd best have something good planned to make the meeting fun and special as well as to make some money for the Tail Twister Fund for the club. I also need to get crackin' on the little lion refinishing. He needs it badly. I have to clean him, rough up his finish, repaint him, shellac or varnish or something him or, if I really feel like doing it up special, I can spring for some gold leaf and leaf varnish and do him up that way. It might be a waste though. I'll see which way is the least expensive that will still give him a good, durable, finish and look.

I guess I will have a busy weekend and week after all. I just hope this nice weather holds as I hate to have to schlep to the store in the rain or cold. Big Blue won't go then either. (sigh) I've got to get enough earned to justify a better vehicle too.

The other thing I am contemplating is the way I look, particularly my hair. It needs to be colored again. The problem is, even though I have the package of stuff to do it, I can't hold my hands up on my head for that long, to do it right. The woman who used to do it for me moved away, far enough that I don't feel comfortable driving the sixty some miles to get her to do it and she can't leave her place to come back here because she has vehicle issues too and hates to drive as well as has to be home for her dog. The dog doesn't get along with cats either.

My hair also needs a cut. She did that too, and a great job. Again, I don't feel right going to someone's home to ask them to make a mess cutting my hair.

That leaves my local beauty shop. I don't have any idea what they charge to do a color job. I know a haircut is $20 with the tip. Thus I have to call and price the rest. Otherwise I have to leave my gray roots showing and I will look like a skunk again and much, much older. When my hair goes all white I will be happy to let it be. It's not there yet and I fear I won't be able to afford the cost of having the shop keep it colored. I wish I had a close friend who could and would put the color into it for me and I just don't. This is just one more thing that being poor financially probably puts out of my reach. Damn! That is so very depressing for me. Peace ---Ellen


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