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My garage is FULL of boxes, as about 100 boxes full of all my stuff from my other home that I shared with Bill. I need to go through them and sort them. I also need to find my jewelry boxes which were in our master bedroom, which is mbr in box language. Most of my books were in my office room which is br2 for boxes. Some of my important papers and geneology research for the family were stacked in Christine's old room, which is BR3. There were crafts and clothing in all three bedrooms, a special cache of new books stored in the tub of our unused bathroom and computer stuff as well as then current business stuff in the built in desk in the hall. I also had storage in the LR and DR --- and books by category in those too.

It was a tad cooler today, high of about 84-F instead of 95-F. I decided to put a couple of hours in going through the boxes in the MBR section. I got through six of them, moved them so that I know they have been looked into and sorted the stuff that was dumped into them. In one I found several of my necklaces, a ring and some earrings just thrown into the box with only one really good silver set having its protective box. That was slow burn time for me. I know who DIDN'T pack that as my main packer is more OCD than I am, so she packs carefully. I sorted and saved the stuff and tomorrow I will tackle that which needs to come in and be evaluated carefully.

Many of the books are nonfiction reference books and my cookbooks or craft books which I DO NOT want to sell. Someone suggested that I might either clean out my smaller shed or get another one for my library. I think I will keep my eyes peeled for a good used shed about the same size as my studio and make it my library. I still have some of the shelves, most of them actually and can store some of the books in boxes until I can get the rest of the needed shelves. There are some books I definitely want to get rid of, mostly novels which I will never read again. There are only a few complete collections by favorite authors that I want to keep or to sell only as a set, even a few I can enjoy reading over again, and again. The writing is that good!

Many of the books are my text books and collection of psychological writings. Those and the poetry I really like to use a lot. I miss being able to go to that section to check one of my favorite psychologists view of a problem. Also, some of my books are just plain funny. I like to be able to go the the shelves and get the book I want, even if it is on the back row. I organize my books so that it is generally easy to find what I want by subject first and author second for nonfiction and by collection or author for the fiction. A shed for a library would be great, especially if I can air condition it and put a reading lamp and comfy chair in it too. A place to read away from the phone, cats, doorbell, TV, ahhhh.

In my search for the jewelry boxes getting six or seven boxes gone through and eliminated is a big step too. I also got some caught up on my vow to do a box a day. I got caught up for the whole week. Yea me! I am deservedly, very tired tonight, watching the Gator game in the Swamp on CBS. As weird as this game is, and I think the Gators are going to lose it, I may just go back to the create channel. LOL Have a great Sunday! Peace -----Elen


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