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I really, really need to find a way to sell some stuff, enough to be able to get out of the Speedy Cash rut I am about to get into again. I hate that! Still, I see no way out of it for a month or two at least. I have $420 total in my possession. That means I am $423 short of being caught up with this month's bills with no more food purchased or gas, oil or even food for the cats and toilet bowl cleaner, both of which I will need before my next payday on Sept 14th. That means I will have to get a $450 loan to make it. I can call a couple of charities to maybe get help for my electric bill. If I do, it will mean I can not do that again for at least a year. I worry that since I need to get the tag for my car next month, I will need it more then.

I don't even know how I can get into Palatka to get the loan. I found out that Ford's have some sort of module on the firewall that if they get too hot, the vehicle shuts down and will not start again until the engine cools down. WTF! That is exactly what happened to me last week as on Saturday when I got the battery back up to charge Big Blue started and ran like a top, ran hot as usual but still strong. Bloody will TEED me off at the same time making me feel relieved. I needed that $130 and had I known that I would have left her sit in Palatka until later that night, filled her with gas and drove her home slowly. DAMN! DAmn! Damn! Losing that money for a tow this month has really shot me down.

I am tempted to get up at the crack of dawn for me and drive her slowly back to Palatka tomorrow morning to do the loan. At least, if she makes it OK, I would than be able to pay my electric, phone, car insurance, health insurance, mortgage and hosting account. Alternately I have to find someone to drive me in. Time is running out and I need to get this done so as to be able to pay my health insurance there which will save me about 20 bucks over using the post office and a money order. It has to be in an posted by Friday, so overnight from Speedy Cash for $3.50 is the cheapest way to pay it.

People keep telling me to put some stuff up on eBay to get some cash. Few of those have ever done that. I have. I know what it takes. It takes time, money to list the item, packing and shipping the item and hoping the person who bought it doesn't decide to return it et al. That is fine for someone who can get the packing supplies, go to a close place to ship or to the P.O. again to ship and gets it all going. I have an eBay account and have sold a few things that way. I likely will continue so to do. It just doesn't solve my immediate problems quickly enough.

I'm tired. I think I will play a quick game of mahjong, read a bit and go to bed. Peace ---Ellen


jemyl: My orange male cat, Brudder (Default)

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