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I don't know what the best way is to out someone who abuses another offline when both are involved in online communities. I know that I agree with Ravan when she states that for B to tell in an online post of the abuse by A offline and then everybody pile on A for a trial by net is not the best way. It is too easily abused and leads to condemnation of A far and wide but doesn't have the checks and balances to prevent overkill that exist in offline systems such as the legal system.

Still, it is important for the online community to know that A is a bad actor so that A does not end up with undeserved kudos from the online community. What I do know is that the way it was done between Moofable and Keeva begot a ton of drams and didn't seem right to me.

All I see got accomplished was a whole bunch of hurt all around. I don't think anyone ended up happy with the result or comforted either, for that matter. Yes, there was a lot of discussion. Other than that I still saw nothing really accomplished.

There has to be a better way. I just don' know what it is.

What I do know is that I'm tired. I see nothing getting accomplished either. That means I'm done with it. I'll just have to ruminate on it for a while. Maybe, in time, something will pop up. For now, I think I've said all I can say on the subject. Peace ---Ellen

UPDATE: I went back over the journals of B and C and I now see that there really isn't any other way Jack could get the word out about Kynn in order to warn the online community. I was wrong to think that there was. I still don't like it, and I see no way around it.

My sense of fairness and outrage over rape of any kind by anyone has been at war with my absolute hate of trial by Internet. When I went back over everything with a completely open mind, I see exactly what Jack wants and why he has to out the rape on the net. He has not asked for people to punish Kynn, just that they be aware of her behavior, that she is a rapist, and her behavior is out of sync with her claims of being such a great feminist. That others took the information and dumped on Kynn is not Jack's fault. Nor did he ask for that to happen.

Therefore I sincerely apologize to Jack for my comments. He was right, as was Alexandraerin. They did not ask for the overkill toward Kynn, just that people be aware and not give her kudos as a feminist because of the way she manipulated others and the fact that she did not live as a feminist, but, instead, had raped Jack at Wis-Con quite recently. The knee-jerk reaction of others was and is on them, not on Jack and not on Alexandra. Peace ---Ellen


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