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Birthdate:Sep 10
Location:Hawthorne, Florida, United States of America
I'm a spunky grandmother who does not always act her age. I was born in 1941. You can figure my age from that. LOL I suscribe to the idea of what one doesn't use, one loses. I live in the country, in a doublewide mobile home on land I own in a subdivision where we mostly own our own land.

I am reasonably tech. savvy. I got my first computer, an Atari, in 1980 and have been "hooked" every since. Now I use my little laptop, or my desktop which is also a small server, daily to communicate with family and friends from all over the world and to sell my jewelry all over the world. I also play games on it. Since I only have "rabbit ears antenna" TV I also use my computer to watch any shows I want to see that are not carried by ABC, Fox or PBS.

I am otherwise retired and live a very simple life. I have a very low income from Social Security which I supplement a bit with my jewelry sales and affiliate commissions earned when folk shop etc. through my site. Still, I am poor so am pretty much a homebody. That is not bad, however, since I have some arthritis and allergy health problems. I am also a diabetic, but keep my sugars under good control so as to avoid most of the side effects of that disease.

My children are grown and on their own. I have three natural and seven acquired grandchldren ranging in age from nine years old to twenty-six years old. I don't see them very often as most of them live out of state and the ones who live in Florida are part of very busy families.

My current vehicle is Big Blue, a very old, very rusty full size wheelchair van that I bought on eBay six years ago. It passes everything but a gas station, has poor gas mileage, burns and leaks oil, runs hot and uses water at a high rate and also leaks a bit of oil. I baby it on the twenty-five mile one way trips to "town" I make a couple of times a month. It, like me, prefers to just go into Hawthorne, which is only four miles away to conduct most of my business, that which cannot be done online.

I love animals and have three cats as my current crop of pets. They are 12, 9, and 5 years old. Only one of them is an inside/outside cat. The other two are "kitties in the house" cats. All three are lovers and take turns climbing into my lap and I often wake up to find all of them on my bed, one at my head, one curled up by my tummy and one near my feet. This is especially true in the winter or any time there is a thunderstorm at night. Their antics keep me amused daily.

I enjoy journaling and blogging. I keep in touch with most of my friends and family via the Internet and my journals or blogs. My computer is my window to the world. I also use it to pay my bills, shop for jewelry raw materials as well as for any items I need for my home. I do a "pre-shop" of items before I buy them, many times offline for convenience, but not always. I also use the Internet for information on a myriad of subjects.

I share a lot of who I am through my journals. It is cathartic at times and also helps me bounce things around when I have a problem to solve. Sometimes I rant on various subjects too. I have some strong opinions. I also use my journals to allow my friends and family to keep up with what is happening in my life, good, bad and in between.

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