Nov. 19th, 2010 02:25 pm
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I am very tired. This sinus stuff is still there and may be headed for my chest. I don't need this. It means that I likely won't be able to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning to go over to Interlachen to the Methodist church breakfast and yard sale. I could likely sell of at least one set of golf clubs and some books and jewelry, maybe even some of my crochet stuff if I were to go and the booth fee is only $5. It's a good deal! I just don't know if I will have the oomph to do it at an air temperature of 47 degrees or lower! That is temperature that also wreaks havoc with my knee, back, shoulder and wrist where I've had surgeries, not to mentions everywhere I still am riddled with osteo-arthritis. Bah Humbug! It's just that I need the money I might earn so very badly and I need the exposure to let folk know that I am still here and actively making items. That way they will know to look for me at the Lions Breakfast and there again next month.

Oh well, it is time to make some more jewelry and get to work photographing it and fixing up my site at http://www.jemyl.net/Jewelry to reflect the new things I have made. I have some new crosses done already and expect to get the things I need to make the rest any day now in the mail. I need to make this Holiday season a very successful one to finally be caught up on all my bills and maybe even get a good start on another vehicle. Later! Peace, Love and hugs----Ellen a.k.a. jemyl


jemyl: My orange male cat, Brudder (Default)

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